Composite decking prices vs wood

Composite decking prices vs wood

The price of composite decking compared to wood is alot higher, however it should last longer.

Many people may be put off by the higher price of composite decking as high quality composite decking does cost more.

This can be offset by the warranty offers available. You can get upto 25 year warranties for composite decking.

Decking Prices

Wood Decking prices go from £3.99 per 2.4m length

Composite decking prices go from £15.25 per 2.2m length

Composite decking does have benefits such as UV stable for longevity, Long warrantee and lower maintenance costs. Most composite decking also has good anti slip properties.

Composite decking can also be purchased in Tiles as well as the traditional boards.

Composite boards can also be used for vertical converge such as walls and the like.

composite decking prices

To get the best price on your composite decking you can ask the suppliers what special deals they have on. You may be suspired how much you can get off the cost or get other accessories thrown in.