Home office inspiration for small spaces

Working from home is no longer a luxury – it’s become the new way of working for so many people across the country, but what happens if you don’t have enough space for a proper home office? We’ve prepared a few ideas so you can transform the space you have available into a proper working area and make the most out of it.

No matter the size or shape of the area, with the right planning and a bit of creativity, your home office can be made to suit your style and taste whilst becoming a productive and comfortable space.

Get inspired by our top 6 small home office ideas below. 

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Corner office

Dedicate the corner of your living room or kitchen, with the most light, to work purposes. If you have limited space, fear not, adding a comfy chair and small table to the corner of your room can double up as an office space or even be used for other activities like reading, journaling or simply watching the world go by.

Office nook

Maximise the space in your home by capitalising on unused spaces that might not seem like the first option for a home office. Transform that awkward area into a small working space by adding customised shelves and a fitted desk.

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Staircase office

Put the unused space under your staircase to work! Utilise the space effectively to suit your home office needs and add a bit of flair to your interior design. Whether you use simple shelving or opt for bespoke furniture, you can create a well-defined work area that compliments your home décor.

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Multipurpose office 

Do you have limited floor space in your home or apartment? A desk with dual purpose may be the best option for you. It couldn’t be easier to double up your bedroom as a home office, a desk can be used as a dressing table and workspace without taking over the room.

For more ideas about how to create your perfect home office if you’re tight on space, check out our home office setup inspiration blog.

Loft office

Sloping roofs or seemingly unsable corners shouldn’t stop you from creating the perfect small home office. With the right help and guidance from a specialist, you can turn unused loft space into a comfortable and inviting work area. Add shelving above your desk to fully optimise the space and create extra storage.

Use wall space to define your work zone

Unsure how to clearly define your work zone from the rest of your interior? By adding a pin board or whiteboard to your workspace you can easily separate work from home. 

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