How to apply a mist coat

The world of painting and decorating can be daunting for the inexperienced, but perhaps we can help make life a little easier. Learning the ins and outs of mist coat painting is an essential part of the process, because if you don’t apply a mist coat properly you could end up damaging the plaster and[…]

How to bring autumn décor ideas to life

The cosy season is here, which means it’s time to put away the summer home accessories in favour of warm, autumnal home décor. What better way to achieve a cosy vibe than by redecorating and styling your home for the season? Whether it’s simply setting the atmosphere with candles and warm blankets, or creating the[…]

Natural colours for indoor spaces: the 2021 edition

Get back to nature, with colour It wasn’t so long ago that we were freed from a string of nationwide lockdowns and were able to welcome back the fresh, vibrant sights of the natural world. During the lockdowns lots of us became our own interior designers and handy-men – picking up paint brushes, strapping on[…]

How to insulate your home for winter

The current energy crisis is a hot topic; one that has been filling homeowners with a growing sense of concern. So, maybe now is the perfect time to get thinking about conserving energy, saving money on gas and electrics, and staying extra toasty too. Stepping up your insulation game is one big way you can[…]

Top 10 scariest home improvement jobs

October 2021: picture this… It’s night-time. You’re home alone. The lights begin to flicker. The heating’s on, but it’s cold. Do you need to call an electrician? Is your boiler on the fritz? Or is something else at play? Suddenly you picture ghouls, ghosts, a whole host of scary creatures slinking out of your walls[…]

What to do if you have a leaky roof

Winter is on the horizon; rain is pouring down a little more often and tired roofs across the nation are beginning to feel the strain. Most of us will experience a leaky roof at some point in our lives. We all become familiar with the ominous drip, drip, drip coming from somewhere above, going to[…]

How Do You Control Clutter?

Many homeowners have some clutter in their homes. Sometimes, it is just a small pile of brochures, newspapers, heirlooms, and an assortment of gifts that they do not know what to do with or use. They can make some parts… Continue Reading →