Paint that is beautiful, eco-friendly and easy to use? We found it. 

Demand for home improvements has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic. As we shared in our Home Improvement Trends Report this year, 32% more improvement jobs were done in 2020 than in 2021. Painting is hands down the most common thing that people have been doing to their homes during the boom, and demand for eco home improvements is soaring too – almost half of UK homeowners are planning to make their homes more environmentally friendly in 2022. So, if you’re a homeowner looking for high quality paint, and wondering how you can make the most eco-friendly choice possible, we can help. If you’d like some inspiration, we’ve got you covered there too, with the lowdown on paint colour trends. 

70% of the world’s paint is solvent based, which means nasty smells and high levels of VOCs. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are the chemicals found in most paint, that emit harmful gases. Their main purpose is to help with transferring the paint from the can to the wall. But there are alternatives, and we’ve found a fantastic one. We’re proud to point you towards the UK’s first and only climate positive paint brand, COAT, who share our objective of promoting home improvements that are done with awareness of their environmental impact. Read on to find out more, and make sure to take advantage of our exclusive discount code for COAT Paints: 

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Why are we only hearing about this paint revolution now? 

Two guys named Rob (Abrahams and Green) had been working on their passion project in their spare time, with a goal to simplify the clunky paint buying experience and give the luxury paint market a swift kick into the modern world. They only left their full-time jobs in June 2020 before launching COAT in September of that year. They are two entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to do things differently. With a belief that not damaging the planet should be a fundamental part of creating a new business in the world right now, their mission was to set new standards in paint manufacturing by giving back to the planet more than they take (offsetting twice the carbon that they produce and therefore being “climate positive”). 

How can COAT Paints help me be greener? 

Obviously, to be successful, the two Robs needed to make really great quality paint, that is as eco-friendly as possible. To do that, they enlisted the help of scientists with 40+ years’ experience to make the recipe. The paint is entirely water-based, with ultra-low VOCs, and free of odour. COAT’s range is safe to breathe, during and after painting, and much more pleasant to paint with. The EU limit for Low VOC products is 30g per litre, which is the strictest in the world, and COAT is a fantastically minuscule 2g per litre. 

The eco innovation doesn’t stop with the paint. COAT offers clever Peel & Stick Colour Swatches to help people easily try paint shades at home, without the mess, waste and expense of traditional paint tester pots. It feels like a super simple idea, and with a curated colour palette of just 56 designer shades, COAT is focused on a ‘less is more’ approach to choosing colour. Once you’re ready, orders are mixed fresh and delivered direct-to-door the very next day with all the kit you need – bye bye Saturdays in the DIY store. The Peel & Stick swatches are made with real paint and are 100% accurate. 

Paint colour predictions from COAT 

Like us, COAT keep their customers up to date on trends. In fact, it’s part of what makes them special. Instead of overwhelming you with options, and producing gallons of paint that might not get used, they “don’t offer all the colours, just THE colours”. 

A little earlier in the year, COAT shared their predictions for colour trends in 2022. Generally speaking, people are choosing bright, saturated colours. But grey is still popular, often being used as a backdrop for the more vibrant colours. Harmonious with nature, natural greens are also on-trend and neutral colours in general continue to be popular, especially when paired with natural materials like wood and linen. And is blue is also being used a lot to create a relaxing ambience, which we all need when spending more time at home than normal. For more on how to get the most out of these on-trend colours by matching them in a complementary way, head to COAT’s blog now. For ideas on wall painting and lots more, head to our Inspiration centre now. 

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